Barnet Magician at Dyrham Park

Reaction to Barnet Magician card trick

I performed as a Barnet Magician at the most wonderful venue last week.

For many years I was a member of the Watford Association of Magicians. Indeed for a while, I was their secretary. So, it was a great pleasure to perform for one of the members at the Dyrham Park Country Club.

Working alongside another very talented magician Paul Megram, we performed close-up magic for guests while they mingled and ate canopies.

“Thank you both for helping to make last night such a great success. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performances.”

The Booker

The Venue

The estate spans some 200 acres and is the home of one of the best golf clubs in Hertfordshire. In fact, the Palladian Mansion is one of the oldest and finest in the country. Indeed, the name of the club has taken many forms.

The council bought the buildings in 1938. At one end of the building, a fabulous gateway can be seen which may have been designed for the coronation of King Charles II. It can be seen clearly from the 15th tee.

The Event

Family celebrations are always fun, and this was no exception. The age range was very broad, and the event was large. It was easy for two magicians to move around and entertain the guests without treading on each other’s feet.

Great Reactions for Barnet Magician

We got some great reactions! As the picture shows, it is possible to create strong emotion with magic. Watching people enjoy it is a wonderful way to make a living. Indeed, the set has a few new tricks. The lady in the picture is reacting to one.

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