Harpenden Magician at Local Golf Club

Logo of Harpenden golf club where Harpenden magician performed

How wonderful, I was working as a Harpenden Magician, here in Hertfordshire, at the local Golf Club last week. Performing close-up magic at a wonderful family affair. This was to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary, so as you can imagine a number of generations were present.

Sitting at tables of eight it was very easy to move around making sure that everyone saw the magic. There were very small children present who were unable to comprehend most of the tricks. However, there were also older very enthusiastic children who enjoyed it along with the adults.

Harpenden Golf club has a great reputation and has received many accolades for excellence. At present, it has a five-year plan, which is constantly under review. Neil Robson, the course manager is the supervisor.

The Club

The Club has carried out numerous refurbishments in the last fifteen years including the planting of over three and a half thousand trees, three new tees, and five new bunkers.

The grounds team have used many innovative and technological solutions to provide the very best in green management. This includes eight-inch bore holes and a “Grandin Machine”.

It has a recently updated restaurant with parts set aside for formal functions. This is where the lunch was held.

The Speeches

It is always fun to listen to the speeches and look at the photographs which are displayed. You realise what an honour it is to be part of such a historical day. Family occasions are probably the most satisfying type of work and also the most inviting.

Local Harpenden Magician

Harpenden is so close to our base in Welwyn Garden City, however, I had not performed magic at this particular golf club before. In fact, working as a Hertfordshire Magician has taken me to many golf clubs in the area including the Welwyn Garden City Golf Club. Indeed this is where I first met the organiser of this event.

If you are looking for a Harpenden Magician please do give us a call or email us from the contact page.