Hertfordshire Close Up Magician at Ponsbourne Park Hotel

Ponsbourne Park Hotel is a great venue for a Hertfordshire Close up Magician. Surrounded by over 200 acres of beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, Ponsbourne Park is the perfect location for your special day. The 19th-century house offers a blend of classic elegance brought stunningly up-to-date by stylish and creative design

Tj has worked as a Hertfordshire close up magician there several times in the past and found the service has always been very good. On this particular day, the weather was crisp, the sky was blue and the guests were very receptive.

When is it best to book a Hertfordshire Close up Magician

Close up magic is more popular at a wedding than cabaret magic. Given that there is a lot to accomplish during a wedding. Photographs, speeches, ceremonies and more. It is hard to fit a formal cabaret into the itinerary.

However, close up magic fits so well into almost any part of the day. The reception can be a good time. So to can be the wedding breakfast. The evening reception is a favourite. The Bride and Groom usually invite far more guests to the evening reception than the wedding breakfast. This means the magician has plenty of room to work.

One consideration is the family aspect of any wedding. Nearly half of the weddings TJ performs at span the generations. If you save your magician for the evening reception, the younger ones may miss out.

TJ did not design the act for children. However, this does not mean the younger ones are ignored. So it is worth talking to him to see what he thinks.

Wedding Magician

Find out more about Tj Shoesmith and the Wedding Magician Services available here. If you would like to email a Hertfordshire Magician then do visit our booking page. Many of the photographs you see on the website were shot at weddings it is a perfect environment for magic. The video on the homepage was filmed by a good friend of mine Jeremy Chichester-Myles.