The Canterbury Magician Lecture at Kent University

Canterbury Magician on Stage

When I worked as a Canterbury Magician it started with one problem after another.

A lorry broke through the central reservation between junctions 22 and 24 on the M25, closing it in both directions. It took more than four hours to make a two-hour journey. I arrived with half an hour to spare. However, it did not detract from what was a delightful night.

Essentially every member is a Canterbury Magician. They meet at Keynes College, part of Kent University, near the city centre. The rooms are very modern. Rehearsing in the next room was a musical. However, this did not spoil the evening.

The club has members of all abilities. A few are planning a career as close up or cabaret magicians. Others see it as a hobby or interest to complement their work at college.

Firstly, students have deadlines this time of year. Secondly, they meet on a Friday night which conflicts with other activities. So the turnout was very good.

The lecture includes close up magic, stage magic, pickpocketing and a little theory on stagecraft. Hobbyists are usually more interested in the tricks themselves. Understandably, they like to be fooled and then be taught the method. Those interested in working professionally are more interested in theory and stagecraft. Any good lecturer must know this and find a balance between these two to satisfy the audience’s needs.

I don’t lecture very much, but since winning the Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year, I have found that clubs and conventions are more interested in me, and I have a few booked for next year.

Canterbury Magician receives message from the President

On behalf of the UKC Magic Society, I would like to once again thank you for coming to lecture for us. All our members really enjoyed it, and I know many of them are already busy practising some of the things you taught.

I hope the journey home was better than the one getting here! Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

The President of the Magic Club

I perform as a Kent magician on occasions, and it is always lovely to be in the area. I was planning on walking around the town before the lecture but maybe another time.

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