London Close Up Magician at Social City

London close up magician at banquet table

Here I am working as a London close up magician for the first time since Christmas. I’m in the capital, working for Nevado, who help create and establish digital businesses around the world.

The company booked me for previous engagements. Zetter Townhouse was the last venue. It took place a couple of years ago. This time I’m at City Social.

London Close Up Magician in the Heart of the city

This is an extraordinary venue in the heart of the city of London. Recently, I have found myself looking down on the great city from events staged in towering buildings. Recently I was at the very top of the Shard and this time on floor 24 of Tower 42. City Social is a very flexible party venue with restaurant bar and private rooms.

I was booked to perform table magic during a late Christmas dinner for a London firm in one of the private rooms. On this occasion, there were twenty people present around a long table. I performed during the reception and then again twice during the meal, finishing with a cabaret-style performance during coffee.

While waiting to perform I looked out over the city, there was a clear view of St Paul’s. I took the picture, but it was a bit grainy. Hopefully, my magic is better than my photography.

Michelin Star restaurant

The restaurant (which has earned a Michelin Star) was very accommodating, and we were able to work well together throughout the evening. The restaurant offered me food. It was hard to turn down.

However, I never eat while working; I feel it makes me take my eye off the ball.

To work through a meal like this, you do need quite a repertoire of effects, and not all tricks are suitable for this environment. Somehow one realises what is required when you see the venue and it all seems to fall into place.

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