Northumberland Stage Magician in Amble

Northumberland Stage Magician pictured in Amble

So here we are on the last night of the tour, working as a Northumberland Stage Magician. Devious Minds is coming to an end once more. We have had a great few days driving around the north of England.

The Venue

Tonight we were in Amble Parish Hall, which is a historic landmark in the coastal town of Amble, Northumberland. This elegant building, dating back to the 19th century, boasts stunning architecture and overlooks the picturesque Amble Harbour. It has served various purposes throughout its history and remains a notable structure in the town, contributing to its charm.

During our stay we were looked after by Mike Dixon and his team. A great turnout and, for the first time, an entirely adult audience. I’ve developed a couple of new tricks during the run. One particular effect is thought of as being more suited to a close-up magician, but I think it works well on stage.

This show was most notable because everyone in the audience appeared to go by the name of John. We weren’t sure if it was true or if the audience was playing a trick on us.

“Just a quick note to say “thank you” for the excellent show you gave us last night. Everyone in the audience enjoyed it, and it’s got our “Highlights” venture off to a really great start!”


Northumberland Stage Magician performs

We have had great fun up here and hope to return in the next year or so. We are now developing Devious Minds 2, a new show which we promise will be bigger and better.

We can’t believe how successful the show has become. When we first toured and took it to Edinburgh, we had no idea how many shows we would do and how far we would travel. Working as a magician on the road up and down the country has been such a marvellous experience.

Now it’s time to prepare for Christmas and then the new year.

To Book

Thanks to all those at Highlights who made the tour possible. If you are looking for a Northumberland Stage Magician, I’m always happy to make the trip, do contact us through the booking page.