Harrogate Magician performs Close Up and Cabaret

Harrogate Magician at the Bar and Grill

I have worked as a Harrogate Magician many times; in fact, it feels like a home from home.

“This is just a brief note to thank you for your performance last night at our private party in Harrogate. You were phenomenal…. beyond brilliant. You completed a lovely evening and it felt more like you were one of the family rather than a hired hand”

David Booker

Family reunions always provide an exciting mix of people. On this occasion, the family was spread far and wide. This included Europe and beyond. I had worked in Harrogate before, most notably at the Kimberly Hotel on New Year’s Eve 2010.

I was performing at the Restaurant Bar and Grill. It is situated near the centre of town close to shops and entertainment. Thankfully parking was easy. It has a large downstairs area which is ideal for casual dinners. On the first floor is a reasonably sized function room which is easily able to fit the 30 or so guests for this event.

The staff were very accommodating and the food looked excellent.

Family events, such as weddings, have a very different feel from corporate events, which I spend much of my time doing. The age range is greater. Often children will be present. It is not unusual for company members to arrive at their event to find they don’t know anyone. If they do, it tends to be their often small team members.

This is different when members of a family get together.

This was a small affair—no more than four tables. I had been asked to perform close up magic around the tables during the meal and a short cabaret after coffee. It became a wonderfully friendly atmosphere as I met different generations of family and friends.

The Cabaret was particularly fun, and I was delighted when I received the email from one of the guests at the top of this article. It is always a great feeling when you receive feedback like this. What a wonderful evening.

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