Humberside Magician at the Rescue Awards

Humberside Magician at Country Park

I was honoured to work as a Humberside Magician on this special day. As for the awards themselves, there were stories of extraordinary heroism and inspiration. It did do Humberside proud. The event was held at the Country Park Inn, which provided outstanding hospitality.

Tj loves to perform and the crowd in the North are always good for a laugh and this event was no exception. It was really nice to be back and performing again up here in the north.

Congratulations to all those who won and, indeed, were nominated.

Hull venue in Humberside, The Country Park
Awards Dinner

Many a Humberside Magician has seen Tj lecture as he has performed and spoken on the subject of magic to both the Hull Magicians’ Circle, The Leeds Magical Association and the Middlesbrough Magician.

Feedback from Humberside Search and Rescue Services Community Awards

“Thank you for providing such fantastic entertainment and in particular involving the children at the event. There have been numerous positive comments about the evening and all have said that your entertainment was faultless.”


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