Leeds Magician at the Revolution Bar

Leeds Magician photographs Revolution Bar Logo

Yesterday I travelled up north to work as a Leeds magician at a Corporate Event for William Hill. It was held at the Revolution Bar in the centre of town.

On Saturday I’m in Hull, working at a wedding for a client who saw me at another wedding a couple of years ago. So the question was, do I stay up and have a lazy day in the north on Friday or do I drive home. It’s about six hours driving, three hours there and three hours back. In the end, I elected to return home. Although it was a tiring day I am enjoying the Friday more.

The trip up was uneventful, with a quick stop off around Doncaster. I lost the parking ticket in the Trinity car park, “Why can’t you magic another one?” said the parking attendant. Nothing wrong with an old joke told well. Luckily this proved to be a minor inconvenience as the customer services could print another easily—the wonders of modern technology.

Once there I had a couple of hours to spare. I very much approve of the Starbucks in central Leeds. It is a magnificent building with high ceilings and comfy chairs.

The crowd was young with guests from all over the world including Tel Aviv. This was an informal get together with guests standing around bars and high tables. The area outside was the most popular with a vibrant crowd.

You do have to be careful when performing close-up magic in a setting such as this. People crowd around you, and the angles can become difficult. This is much more of a problem for the spectator than the magician. In this situation, people can’t always see well, which becomes frustrating.

I’ve worked for this client several times and was confronted by several guests who had seen me before. It is always lovely to meet people for the second time. This made it a very nice gig.

I have added a couple of new tricks to the repertoire so I could fool them with something new. I have an absolute favourite which was added earlier this year. It leaves the spectator with an inexplicable photograph of themselves. It proved to be very popular.

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