Fathers Day Magician Tj Shoesmith at The Bridge Waterbeach

picture of the bridge in waterbeach on fathers day

I was back working as a Father’s Day Magician again this weekend. Doing what I love, entertaining families. I was at the Bridge in Waterbeach. It was a warm afternoon, and I spent time in the garden.

It was lovely to meet you on Sunday. Thank you so much, all the kids loved it and I think the adults did too.

Zoe The Bridge

Father’s Day Magician

Close up magic is suitable for all ages and works particularly well for family gatherings. So this special day of the year was ideal. Many families came through the door eager to eat, drink and be entertained.

Although I am not a children’s entertainer, it is always great to get the kids involved. Even relatively small children can appreciate the magic and enjoy the jokes and laughter that come with it.

The Bridge on the Cam

This brought back memories; as a young adult, I worked in several Green King pubs in the Cambridge area, including the Granta on Newham Road. So this was familiar territory. I can remember pulling pints while helping to pay my way through university.

Situated on the Cam’s banks, the Bridge in Waterbeach is a few miles north between Cambridge and Newmarket. It is over 200 years old. As is traditional, punts and boats were moving up and down the Cam. With mooring available on the bank next to the garden, some came in for refreshments.

There are many walkways along the river as well as cycle paths that link to the Bridge which makes it a very popular venue. The food is excellent and there is a beer garden at the rear.

It was a really fun afternoon despite the heat. The staff were very welcoming and the guests were cheerful. Although we have moved slightly south now I always enjoying coming back to Cambridge to perform magic in the place where I grew up.

If you are looking for a Father’s day magician to perform in Cambridge, please call me.

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