Devon Cabaret Magician in Tamerton Foliot

Devon Cabaret Magician at Tamerton Foliot

I was back in Plymouth on Friday night as a comedy Devon Cabaret Magician. This was for their magic night in Tamerton Foliot. I always like the work in Devon, the audiences are warm and the venues are very good. Danny Buckler was headlining, a very funny comedian, who started his career as a comedy magician.

I was the MC and included some magic in my first link. It is a fun way to get an audience going and gives me the opportunity to interact with people. Magicians have the unique opportunity to engage with people while performing certain effects.

There are many great comedy magic venues in Devon. These include the B Bar and Annabels. I have performed at both several times. It is impossible to make the journey from London in a day. Hence, the venue puts us up overnight and we return the following day.

Devon Cabaret Magician tours with Devious Minds

Devious Minds has also toured in Devon, commissioned by Rural Tours. The tours employed us for a week at a time to visit villages in the county.

Although many hours drive from home, I have spent a considerable time in and around the county.

I have also performed many times as a Close Up Magician in the area. Having been invited to private parties and corporate functions to provide table magic and comedy cabaret.

The drive is long but it is always great to be working as a Devon Magician and I rarely turn down an event in the area.

Also on the bill were Cerys Nelmes, Aideen McQueen and Steve Savage, all of which gave strong sets. The resident chef, Nigel, served food throughout the evening. It is a great night out, the next show at the Kings Arms in Tamerton Foliot is on the 13th of December.

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