Ipswich Magician visits Norfolk as a child

Ipswich magician in the town centre

I recently worked as an Ipswich Magician. I lived in Cambridge for a year or so recently and found myself working in Norwich and Ipswich quite a lot. Particularly for a company called Talent Management based near Norwich.

The Road Trip

I remember as a child taking the bus from Cambridge to Ipswich to visit a magic dealer based there. A long complicated trip involving several changes of buses only to return home with unusable pieces of magical equipment.

At the time I really didn’t understand the need for practice and the developing of core skills. I would have an adrenaline rush each time I acquired a new toy to play with but I wasn’t making a great deal of progress. Claude Perry was instrumental in changing my outlook and making me see the bigger picture.

Although I enjoyed the travelling, something I have always enjoyed, I came home feeling rather deflated. When I look back I realise it was a necessary step and showed a certain amount of commitment.

Ipswich Magician Celebrates a New Year

Most years I am involved in a Chinese New Year celebration. A few years back I was at the Pearl River Restaurant in Kings Lynn performing over two nights. These were wonderful evenings filled with music and excitement. Such a joy to be a part of.

Returning to the City

On Sunday I return to Norwich to perform for an old client which I’m really looking forward to. It is two years since I have seen him and in that time we have both had children, how life changes and so fast. Working for old clients is relaxing but it comes with a certain responsibility, one always feels you are as good as your last gig.

Venues in the county include The Forum in Norwich and Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth where he has performed both stage and close up magic.

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