Norwich Magician at the Forum for Comedy Night

Norwich magician at the forum

I spend considerable time working as a Norwich magician on the circuit. Recently an agent gave me a job where I worked as a corporate magician. I was to perform at The Forum in Norwich. I was not new to the area as I have worked as a Norfolk magician on several occasions, with performances in Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, and Kings Lynn.

The Venue

The Norwich Forum is a modern cultural and community hub located in the heart of Norwich, England. It houses a library, exhibition spaces, a café, and a large open forum area for events and gatherings. This architectural marvel serves as a focal point for education, culture, and social interaction in the city.

On this occasion, it was a company event for staff, who had been on a team building course. They booked a compare and comedian and decided to have a magician to close. I am often employed to perform close-up magic before the cabaret, but this time, it was not required. We were contained within the BBC offices on the ground floor. BBC Norfolk is run from the building and has excellent facilities for these kinds of company events.

It turned out very well. Magic does sometimes make a good contrast to the comedy which is why I often get booked to compare events. Closing is always fun and they were very receptive.

Working as a magician for hire does require a certain amount of driving, and the journey from Royston to Norwich can be a little slow. I always leave a lot of time which on this occasion was wise. The A11 was blocked, and even with re-routing, it took nearly twice as much time as it should.

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