Devious Minds Comedy Magic Cabaret Returns from Edinburgh

comedy magic show on the streets of Edinburgh

At the fringe with our Comedy Magic Show. This appeared in my blog on the 26th of August 2011 after performing magic at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Festival

The Edinburgh Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza held in Scotland’s capital. It encompasses a diverse range of arts, including theatre, music, dance, comedy, magic, and visual arts. Established in 1947, it attracts performers and artists from around the world, making it a global hub for artistic expression and creative exploration.

Comedy Magic Show

Well, our run of the Comedy Magic Show Devious Minds has finished in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we are now back south with wedding magic engagements this weekend. Devious Minds was first conceived around 2010. A magic and mentalism act of two halves. It has proved very popular on the rural tours and has also been booked for corporate events and society dinners.

The run went well with good houses and four-star reviews, so all in all a success. Further UK tours are planned for the show, and we look forward to publishing them on the website.

Other Comedy Shows

I also saw some excellent shows. My particular favourites were “Bring me the Head of Adam Riches” and “late night music” with Rich Hall. Both great performers from which other artists can learn a lot. Magic requires both dexterity and performance skills. So watching others is so important when trying to improve and progress.

Magic in the States

In two weeks, I fly back to LA to work at The Magic Castle again, which I am very much looking forward to. I haven’t been there for several years, and it is always a fun workplace. A members club for people who like magic.

To book a Scottish magician, or discuss your event, please get in touch with us through our booking page.