The Edinburgh Fringe and the Scotland Magician

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The variety of shows in the capital is truly unique and includes many a Scotland magician can admire.

While watching Phill Jupitus at the very excellent Free Fringe, he reminded me that the average audience number for one of the 3,000-plus shows at the event is six! Given that nearly every show I saw was pretty full, if not sold out, it shows how some companies struggle with fierce competition.

Comedy has for many years ruled the fringe, although there has been a slight drop in sales in the last few years compared to other areas. Comedy Magic seems to be holding strong.

Although I didn’t see Pete Firman, his show has already had some praise, and Jerry Sadowitz will also appear later in the fringe. Jerry is a Scotland Magician the city embraces yearly, if only for a short run. If you don’t have tickets for the seven arranged performances this year, you won’t see him.

Alan Hudson is here for the second year running with a show based on Super Hero’s. Very original and funny as well as fooling. Young and Strange, a duo who have visited the fringe over the last few years, are back with a show mixing the old and new material.

Also on the Free Fringe is John Henry Blackwood with a show entitled Pick a Card Any Card (No not that one). It is a gentle show with storytelling and table magic, which contrasts the other bigger magic shows. His show centres around cards with some other magic thrown in and a comedy ending which the audience very much enjoyed.

These are just the shows that I saw with many other regular performers appearing. It seems that every Magician Scotland sees come to the festival engineers a return.

Devious Minds Magic and Mind Reading Show did visit Scotland for the festival in 2011 and enjoyed a successful run and return.

Devious Minds poster, the magic and mentalist show
The Edinburgh Fringe and its Magic Shows

The Fringe Festival features many a Scotland magician the area can relate to. The variety of shows in the capital is truly unique and includes many magicians to admire.

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