Marlborough Magician at The Castle and Ball Hotel

Marlborough Magician at the Castle and Ball

On New Year’s Eve, I worked as a Marlborough Magician at the Castle and Ball Hotel in Wiltshire. This is one of the hotels under the banner of the Old English Inns. It is situated on the high street in Marlborough town centre.

Marlborough is a market town with a rich history. The castle and Ball was initially constructed in the 15th century. The high street is extensive and still accommodates traditional markets. Many original features, including wooden timbers, older than the Spanish Armada, still exist.

It has nearly forty rooms of varying sizes and several restaurant and bar areas. They had taken reservations for all the tables and offered a complete meal with entertainment. A perfect environment for a close up magician!

Although there were many couples, there were also large groups of friends and families. It was a great atmosphere, and it finished the year off nicely. These family events are always the most fun and respectful.

I performed as a table magician around the room during the meal and soon after. I met many great characters and enjoyed the evening. It is a sacrifice to spend the evening away from family and friends, but the Wiltshire folk made it all the easier.

I was even given a room to change in and looked after very well by staff and management. This is my first time working as a Marlborough Magician, but I certainly hope it is not my last. I was asked to return next year but am already booked at the Wentbridge Hotel in Yorkshire.

I have worked as a magician in Wiltshire several times, including at the Steam Museum in Swindon. Please call or email us if you want to discuss your event. We are always happy to talk. More details can be found on our booking page.