Wiltshire Close Up Magician at the Steam Museum

Wiltshire Close Up Magician at the Museum

Tj Shoesmith, a Wiltshire Close Up Magician, was employed to perform close up magic at the “Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway. This is a fascinating place with much to look at. The event was held in a very spacious conference centre creating a perfect environment to hire a close-up magician.

The Venue

The Steam Museum in Swindon, located in the heart of the UK, is a captivating showcase of the country’s industrial heritage. Housed in a historic railway works, the museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the story of the Great Western Railway.

Visitors can explore a vast collection of vintage steam locomotives, railway memorabilia, and interactive exhibits that bring to life the evolution of the steam engine.

The museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the golden age of rail travel, with well-preserved locomotives and immersive displays. It’s an educational and nostalgic experience that offers a deep appreciation for the impact of steam power on transportation and industry.

In the front foyer stands an original fire engine bought for the Swindon Works in 2012. It is tiny, given the size of modern firefighting vehicles. However, it was designed this way to move quickly around the works. This engine was in commission until 1942, when a new Dennis engine was bought to replace it.

The Event

It may seem a strange place for a such a prestigious event corporate event. However, there is room within the bowls of this great establishment. With some good lighting and partitions it can be transformed into a great space for events and parties.

Book a Wiltshire Close Up Magician

Tj Shoesmith, has made many appearances as a Wiltshire Close Up Magician in Swindon and Marlborough as well as the rest of the county and is available for close up and cabaret magic throughout the UK.