Cambridge Cabaret Magician at the Slepe Hall Hotel St Ives

cambridge cabaret magician at slepe hall

This month I performed as a Cambridge cabaret magician. I travelled up to St Ives to perform at a lunch to celebrate a wedding anniversary and, as is common at such events, several generations were present.

I do like performing for a family audience. When there are people of all ages it does add another dimension to the show. This is particularly true when performing cabaret as the children become the show stars. So, this event was a perfect example of this phenomenon at work.

Sometimes one feels an instant rapport with an audience and this was one of those occasions. I performed for about forty-five minutes. There were a number of children present including a delightful four-year-old who was not shy and voiced many theories.

The Slepe Hall Hotel

The Slepe Hall Hotel is situated in St Ives Cambridgeshire. It is a magnificent looking building a short walk from the town centre. It has 16 bedrooms and function rooms capable of accommodating up to 250 guests.

On this particular day, there was a farmers market near the hotel and plenty of small shops on the high street that were well worth a visit.

The Brunel Suite, next door, was the home of a wedding breakfast that day. Even with all this going on they had space for casual dinners. I was performing in the Cromwell Room a slightly smaller function room on the ground floor.

Cambridge Cabaret Magician Review

Soon after the event I received this email from the host

You were a unanimous hit with our guests and especially amongst the youngsters. The three girls sitting on the floor in front of you were still trying to figure out your tricks several hours later, as was I. Many thanks for putting on your show and making our party so memorable

The Host

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