Cambridgeshire Christmas Magician for Hire

a Cambridge Christmas magician on the mic

I love working as a Cambridgeshire Christmas Magician. In fact, I grew up in Cambridge. Although I now live near London I still work regularly in the city. I have worked as a magician at many of the Cambridge Colleges. Over the years as well as private parties and weddings.

In the past few years I have worked as a Christmas Magician for Kings College as well as John Lewis. I have also performed at Fitzwilliam College working as a Cambridge magician. This year I have worked for Waitrose as well as Kings again. Many members of the family still live on the outskirts of Cambridge, so work can always be combined with social meetings.

Cambridge Magic Club

In my teenage years I was a member of the Pentacle Club. This club met every Tuesday other Tuesday night throughout the year. I made many good friends and learnt a great deal from the elder members. In particular Claude Perry, a veteran who knew just about everything there was to know about magic.

I have returned on a number of occasions since those “wonder years”, to visit or lecture. I have always found them welcoming and enthousiastic.

The Live Hustle proves particularly popular in Cambridge this is a show where two magicians con members of the audience out of fake money, details of this can be found at

Twice I have performed magic and cabaret at The Saltmarsh Rooms at Kings and am back again this year for the same client. We also started the Crazy Cambridge walk which plays in the summer months a pointless but entertaining tour of Cambridge by three magicians.

Local Cambridgeshire Christmas Magician

Tj has a dedicated page for his work as a Cambridge Magician. So if you are looking for someone familiar to the area then do have a look and give us a call or send us an email.